Music composition

I cover many styles of music ranging from epic to light hearted moods in a variety of genres including rock, orchestral, electronica, metal, jazz, urban, pop, funk, ambient soundscapes and anything in between.

My aim is always to create music that suits your project whether it be to stand out from the crowd or to subtly embellish an environment.


I strive to record a variety of sounds to keep my ever growing library of sound effects fresh and I'm always open to requests for bespoke sounds to fit a project even if its just a simple car door shutting.

Mixing & Mastering

All audio I record is mixed at my studio using the highest quality mixing and mastering software and although I'm not a mastering engineer if your looking to cut on costs I can provide a mastering service myself to a commercial standard

Audio Implementation

Currently I work with Fmod and know my way around Wwise so I'm quite happy to set a project up using middleware with requested parameters and also if needed offering audio solutions to the best of my knowledge in my field.

On the audio implementation side I am hoping to offer this service in the near future when I am more competent with coding and blueprints, however I am reasonably versed in the mechanics of the Unity and Unreal game engines.

Work Ethic

From my experience over the years working as a professional musician in the fields of writing music, live performance and running my own music school I understand the importance of deadlines and working within a team. I have a structured workflow that provides clients with quickest turnaround while still maintaining quality.


As a working musician I always put a value on what I create whatever the project which in turn provides a professional service and produces audio that both parties can take pride in.

I offer various rates for composing which include revisions to suit all budgets for non exclusive and exclusive licences to full buy outs.

Please contact me to discuss any of your audio needs.